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The dust has settle, the fire doused
The night has slithered upon you all
In the deep wandering dark
Step by step you make your way

Sword in hand, axe by side
Silent as night you stride the world
Fear grips you, a friend he is
But your feet move on swift and sure

The path tread with broken swords
With shafts of spears jagged
Blood drips from unseen wounds
The drum beats within the soul

When the battle heats, will you cower
As life hangs from a single thread?
Will you stand and hold the line
If none will stand with you?

Will you scream into the night
To spite the drowning dark?
Will you light the fire of hope
Against the coming flood?

How do you hold to honor
When the world forsakes it?
Will the light you hold not waver
When the abyss comes for you?

Where will you be when the Valkyries come
Searching the chosen amongst the slain
Will you stand when the horn is heard
Clutching your sword with bloodied fist?

Harken my brothers and listen
When the creeping night comes for us
Look to the glory of Ymir's skull
Beacons they are for the wanderer's soul

For we shall stand together
And roar into the gathering shadow
For every heart that with light beats
Hope will never be lost

When The Horn is Heard








Fathma Nachiar